Paul Nugent

Paul is Professor of Comparative African and is divided equally between the Centre of African Studies and the History Subject Area at the University of Edinburgh.

Paul is completing a book that deals with borders and state-making processes in West Africa (Ghana, Togo, Senegal and the Gambia). He is also working on peripheral urbanism in the shape of border towns and cities in Africa. In 2015/16, he is a Member at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton where he is working on a comparison of state-making in Ghana and Uganda.

Paul is the PI on a European Research Council Advanced Grant called ‘African Governance and Space: Transport Corridors, Border Towns and Port Cities in Transition’. The project, which starts in 2016, explores the way spaces and governance practices are being reshaped by the tensions between regional integration agendas, which seek to facilitate the flow of people and goods across borders, and a securitization agenda that prioritizes surveillance. The project is a comparison of West, West-Central, East and Southern Africa, and is both multi-scalar and multi-sited.

Paul is also the PI on a project with Zoe Marks on the ERSC/DfID project dealing with the livelihoods strategies of combatants and ex-combatants. In addition, he is completing a further monograph on the race and taste in the South African wine industry.

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